Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in China University of Petroleum (Beijing) & Study in cup

Application Requirements (Age, Academic Background, Language)

1. In principle applicants of Chinese Language Program and Bachelor’s programs should be older than 18 years old before they apply for the visa. Those who are younger than 18 years old have to find a Beijing citizen as his guardian. Relevant procedure is:

1) Look for a Chinese who is a registered resident of Beijing city and is willing to perform as the guardian of the applicant.

2) The student’s parents (or other guardian in his/her home country) have to write a letter of authorization confirming the guardian’s identity of the Beijing citizen. The content of the letter includes parents’ names, the information of the student and his/her guardian in Beijing (name, age, passport number/ ID number, home address, telephone number, etc.).

3) The letter of authorization has to be notarized in a notary public office in the student’s home country.

4) After being notarized, the trust deed must then be taken to the embassy of China in the student’s home country for authentication.

5) Finally the student’s guardian in Beijing has to notarize this letter in a notary public office in Beijing and send it to us, with which we’ll send the admission letter and JW202 form to the student.


Applicants of Chinese Language Program or Bachelor’s programs should finish at least 12-year basic education equivalent to senior high school in China before study in CUPB. Applicants of Master’s programs should hold a Bachelor’s degree or pre-graduate certificate of the same or relevant major in their undergraduate study. PhD applicants should hold a Master’s degree or pre-graduate certificate of the same or relevant major in their graduate study.

Formal degree/diploma will be examined by International Office upon the arrival of the student.


Applicants of Chinese Language program should understand basic Chinese or English, otherwise it will be hard for them to follow the teacher.

Undergraduate and graduate students whose programs are given in Chinese should hold a HSK 4 certificate. We also have requirement for PhD students’ Chinese or English proficiency, for they have to take some courses during their PhD study.

Applicants who have no Chinese foundation and intend to pursue a degree study in Chinese have to apply for Chinese Language program in the online application system first.

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